Return and exchange policy 退換貨政策

Return and exchange policy
Online order return and exchange policy

The procedure for replacing goods is as follows:
1. If you find any problem with the goods within 7 days from the date of purchase, please keep all packaging materials, including original packaging and documents.
2. Contact us within three days, provide photos of the product, and request an exchange.
3. After confirming that the status of the goods meets the requirements of the return policy, we will notify you of the status of your return application as soon as possible.
4. After receiving the goods, exchanges will be arranged within seven working days and no refunds will be given.
*If we fail to collect the goods within seven days, we reserve the right to cancel the return or exchange of the goods.

We have the right to refuse customers’ return or exchange requests under the following circumstances:
If the product has the following conditions, it will not be possible to exchange it:

1. Returned goods that are more than 7 days old and are not subject to this return order.
2. Non-new goods: If the goods are worn, dirty or damaged due to human problems, or the returned goods have obvious stains or odors, we will have the right not to return or exchange them. We will retain the information on whether the goods have obvious stains or odors. Final decision.
3. Incomplete packaging: Complete packaging should include the goods, packaging bags, boxes, instructions, and accessories.
4. Processing on the goods, such as printing, does not result in the original appearance of the goods.
5. Damage or other labels on the packaging will affect secondary sales.
6. We have the right not to return or exchange items due to subjective reasons, such as color difference, differentness from imagination, or unsightly feeling.

*If you request to cancel the order due to personal reasons after payment, a refund fee of 5% of the total order fee will be charged. The order cannot be canceled if the goods have been shipped.


1. 購買日起7天內,若發現貨品有任何問題,請保留所有包裝物料,包括原裝包裝、單據。
2. 於三天內聯絡我們,提供商品照片,提出換貨要求。
3. 確認貨品狀態符合退貨政策的要求後,我們會盡快通知閣下退貨申請情況。
4. 在收回貨品後,七個工作天內安排換貨,恕不退款。


1. 超過7天及非本次退貨訂單申請的退貨商品。
2. 非全新商品:貨品因人為問題造成磨損髒污、任何人為損毀,或退回的貨品有明顯污漬或氣味,我們將有權不予退換,我們對貨品是否存在明顯的污漬或氣味問題會保留最終決定權。
3. 非完整包裝:完整包裝應包括貨品、包裝袋、包裝盒、說明書、及附屬配件。
4. 在商品上加工,例如:打印,並非商品原樣。
5. 包裝上有損毀或其他標貼影響二次銷售。
6. 因主觀原因而引起的退換我們有權不予退換,例如跟色差、想像中不同、感覺不好看。